martedì 29 giugno 2010

Tago Fest VI

Great Fest with the Italian more independent labels.
c/o Tagomago Via Stradella 20 - Massa (Toscana/ Italy)

HysM?duo plays on Sunday the 4th at 17.40!!

venerdì 7 maggio 2010

HysM?duo - How To Hypnotize (Your Friends) [HysM?o24/Lemming records]

Our third work out now under HysM? + Lemming Records
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venerdì 26 marzo 2010

sabato 20 marzo 2010

sabato 27 febbraio 2010

HysM?duo live @ La 'Ngegna

HysM?duo - Disco Blu (hysm?o19/Dec 2009)

Limited 17 copies, handmade minicdr.
A blu ep from the summer.

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Have You Said MIDI/IOIOI - God Has A Dog, Dog Has A God [split] (hysm?o10/Jan 2009)

A cd that talks about dogs, gods, but also about gods dogs: each being has his better friend. From the super lo-fi music by IOIOI you'll pass at the avant-prog of the HysM? duo to concretize this concept! Everyone has his dog, everyone has his god..

9 Tracks, 40 min
Cardboard/sleeved cdr
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AA.VV. - We Love MIDI compilation (hysm?oo8/Jan 2009)

We joined this compilation with a track called "Midification?"..
A lot of other interesting projects on thi coloured cdr.

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HysM? - Rumor Vincit Omnia (hysm?oo1)

Our first album net-released on HysM? catalogue..

Almost half an hour of rumoristic improvisation created with two electric basses loops, an accordion and various other sounds. The duo composed by Jacopo and Stefano Fiore Spataro once managed to organize these ideas produces 4 tracks a year before their release (one of them has even lost). An album that was likely not to see ever more light is now available for free on the web.

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